I've been making Art since my early teens. Yet (as mentioned in other blog posts) there were (long!) breaks due to committing myself to work and other projects. In the world of work, you aim to answer a Brief by a client. 99% of that time that Brief is incomplete as the client rarely knows what they want. It's your job to help them fill it - to elaborate on their business aims and audience and create something that suits. If you're good, you provide something that suits and then some. You become one with the clients' purpose, but lose your own.

I've done that for so many years that I've had to re-train myself in my creative thinking. The skills are still there, but I've now given myself the freedom to work without a Brief. No one has a say - but me. Kids, don't wait until your 40's to get to this point. Start sooner! The liberation deserves it. Anyway - it's like flexing a dead muscle. But finally, I can feel these arms taking shape. 

In honesty: a recent piece, titled Hungry, made me a little self-conscious. But fear not, I'm over it. The assemblage of images was simple, and I keep things together as they made sense. Sometimes this takes ages, but in this case it was quick. For some reason the result expression brought the word Cunt to mind. I hate this word. In the states, we used to say it was only to be used when all other cuss words weren't enough. It was reserved for extreme cases. I also am not a fan of artists who use dramatic words to satiate their crave for attention. 

So why use it? Why put this all together? There is something about the pink, the florals (femininity) and the pouty face, the attitude it represents. How we can be hot and cold, flirtatious and repulsive at the same time. We're hot pink: attractive and off-putting. No other word seemed to fit; and remember, this is not always about female anatomy. This is about the power of four letters, and the grinding of teeth. 

I'm growing very fond of working without a brief. Of bringing the most opposite of imagery together and assembling them with texts that may, or may not, apply to them. I can hear the thunder outside my window. I think it's time. 




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