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THIS one hits home, on every level for me. It’s true, word for bloody word. I’ve still got to keep myself in check, because I like helping people where possible. Unfortunately I have now spent years (decades!) helping others build their dreams, and ignoring my own. And doing so has resulted in people underestimating me, my time, and the value of my work. That is over now. For one: I will no longer work for free (no matter how much I love you). I will no longer drop everything for everyone. Consider me retired from my old life of people-pleasing havoc and stress. My time is limited, valuable, and must remain focused. Don’t even get me started about rebelling against my family. I am not a muse, I am not a slave, I am not a worker bee. This is not ego, or arrogance: it’s self-respect. I’m an Artist, I have a lot to do - and so much to learn. It’s taken me my whole life to get here. And that’s that. Happy fucking Monday.
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