Can I have a taste of your ice cream?
Can I lick the crumbs from your table?
Can I interfere in your crisis?
No, mind your own business
No, mind your own business
The Delta 5 knew.
The latest piece, "Meat" is becoming a favourite of mine. I like it when that happens unexpectedly, it just sort of falls on you. In a Warhol-esque multiple, a classic, austere woman looks off begrudgingly. Is she criticising you, or checking you out? I don't want anyone to know.
Mind your Meat. The stuff covering your bones, in your pants, and on your plate. It's all relative. And we're watching. It's easy to see how a wall of beautiful roses can dissolve into eaten flesh. It's that simple.
Yesterday I was trying to articulate (to myself) why I've decided to make my business Art again - after so many years of working with Brands and Clients. I think it hit me, finally, that the Design world had become such a sterile place, devoid of imagination, or conversation. Visual elements and the quirkiness  of messaging, engagement have been slowly disappearing over the years. Now everything is UX and Product, Product, Product. Even the art of selling something doesn't have the knack for cheapening your emotions anymore. 
It is time to make the visual world a little more stimulating again. Beautiful, provocative, ugly. Whatever it takes. That was what drew me to design in the first place - and it's time to go all-in again. It's time to get some ideas across, and hit people in a nerve or two. It might be political, funny, or downright jarring. I don't care, as long as it isn't a wireframe or a scrum. 
Mind your Meat. The one in your head. 

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