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I'm thrilled to finally announce what I've been working on in the last few months. 

Introducing: the ART BAR. 

Limited Edition Art Prints, signed. 100% Natural Soap. Hand-made. Vegan. Palm-Free.
I've been looking for ways to combine my work, and wellness, and as I've always had a healthy affection for (finely made) soap, I have now curated my own Vegan Soap brand. It's called ART BAR and it's a nod to what we used to call my favourite (drinking) bars in NYC, but this incarnation is much healthier. Each bar is full of natural ingredients, and contains no baddies (like Palm Oil). Check the product descriptions for which work best for your skin. 
And, of natürlich, each bar comes with a small limited edition (signed,numbered) print. I'll continue to make new prints and more soap varieties are on their way too! This makes each bar special, and even collectible. 
Wash up, and enjoy!


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