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My latest piece - first piece of 2021 - is called "Growth". 

I had started it as a project that initially had several images, multiple collages, and was even going in the direction of doing a Triptych for the three interconnected phrases. I kept laboring over it but nothing made sense. Nothing communicated what I needed it to. 

I've learned recently however, that removing items is what helps me more, not adding them. So as I was stuck in this process pickle, I thought I'd apply this technique to this print. I took elements out. Then I kept taking them out. I took the colour out. I kept the words together.

Alas, it felt like concrete in the end. Keeping it simple, and positive, was the only way to make this piece feel complete. I am perplexed (more than anyone!) at how my own process has changed and even the 'mood' of my work seems to be turning a corner. I think it's a sign of (personal) times, and I'm actually rooting for it.

Not everything is dark. And it's time for Growth. 

This print is now available in my shop. It is a Limited Edition of 50 prints, hand-signed and numbered by myself. 

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