Frankly, Mr. Morrissey

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Frankly, Mr. Morrissey, I’m obliged to reconsider our 30+ year relationship. These days, when your songs grace my ears I feel a harrowing cringe, where there was once an ounce of comfort. It’s so awkward as I held you in a position of trust and solidarity for so many years. As a kid I looked up to you; you introduced me to so much literature and wit. You made myself and countless others feel less alone. You helped us carve our niche in a world where the establishment was, and still is, a problem. You are responsible for so many vegetarians and poets! Yet in recent years your behaviour has been scathingly the opposite - or is it me that just never saw the truth? It’s time I faced it, admitted that I can’t look up to you anymore:  racist, wrathful, narcissistic - angry and isolated. You made us all mute witnesses. I am truly disappointed - truly, truly, truly. It’s time to learn from us this time. Stop burning your legacy while you are still alive. That joke isn’t funny anymore. Love, the girl with this thorn in her side - Jen Black.



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