moult snakes

Americans say "Molt" and the British say "Moult"; I choose to use the latter as I have always felt closer to the British use of our language. It's an old habit. 

I'm sure most see this piece as a homage to our beloved "I Melt with You" (Modern English) but alas, it is only a hint toward it. Great song, greater video, but in truth this is a little tribute to my current obsession with actual Moulting. And alliteration. 

What fascinates me is that certain reptiles, and arachnids, and many others have the actual benefit of shedding their skin either at certain times of year, or at certain stages of life. I find this to be so symbolic, and liberating. I wish humans could do the same - even though I've read we have a gradual change in our cells over  the course of every 7 years (where do those 7 years start? or end?) we don't have this advantage. 

I've adopted it metaphorically. Like any teenage goth I've had an affection for the Phoenix legends but instead of rising from ashes, it's become much more attractive to shed one's own shell. To have a whole new chance at everything, when the time is right. 

I'll stop the world and Moult with you. 



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